First time locking in the connectors

All of our watch bands are easy to install in seconds, but some might need a little push to click it in place. This is done to minimize any rattle and to guarantee a snug fit to your watch. If the band doesn't lock in right away, gently press the connector toward the watch until you hear a click. 

Putting the band on:
The clasp might feel tricky the first time, but we guarantee it's easy after you get the hang of it. Make sure to insert the band to the watch so that the bolt is facing your palm. Aligning is easy when you support the watch against a table of your thigh etc. 

All survival bands are easy to put on by yourself in seconds. We've noticed that it can be tricky for the first few times, so here's a quick video to help you out:

Click here to watch a 20 second video