Massage Gun K1 Pro

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The K1 Pro is packed with industry leading specifications in all aspects.

This device was designed to provide a high-quality massaging experience. If you are a casual user looking for a basic massager, this is not for you.

If you want one of the most powerful recovery tools available with ultra quiet use, 5 gears and 6 hours battery life, the K1 Pro is everything you're looking for and much more.


 A Revolutionary Part of Recovery and Relaxing

A full massage experience in the comfort of your own home. Sounds amazing, right? 

K1 Pro is a hand-held deep tissue tool that uses rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow to the muscles.

It's easy to use by yourself. You can massage every part of your body, and particularly massaging the back and shoulders can relieve pain, improve posture and much more.

 Feel Better In Minutes

The results of percussion therapy can often be almost instant. Gaining the full benefits needs only 10-20 minutes of use a day.

 Amazingly Powerful

Our powerful motor ensures a wide range of modes from deep massaging to lighter therapeutic sessions. 

The Benefits

✔Scientifically Proven Technology 

Relieve muscle soreness and pain

    Improves range of motion

 Increase Blood Circulation and Flush Away Lactic Acid

 Fast Warmup and Recovery from Training

$ Save Money on Visits to Physiotherapists or Massagers

⚡︎ Faster Recovery from Injuries

And more...


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Size: 18.8cm * 24.2cm * 6.2cm

Input voltage: 110-240v, 30-50HZ

Power rate: 20-30W

Materials: ABS Plastic Body, Frosted Leather Handle

Six interchangeable heads: U-shaped head, Small round head, Ball head, Flat head,

Metal flat head, Metal round head

Package includes: 

1 x Premium travel case

1 x Charger (US wall plug)

1 x Instruction manual & warranty card

6 x Massage heads