SPORT FERVOUR Ultimate Speed Rope

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From athletes to the athletes. We lust for a strong working and ultra stylish workout equipment. We've seen jump ropes that look ugly, break easily or don't have the flow to go the extra mile.

We've created a jumping rope that catches attention, gives you the workout you deserve and doesn't break.

It's the best speed rope you can get your hands on.

  • High-Quality Ball-bearing Handles
  • Ultra-fast Cable
  • Easy Sizing System

Why should you buy a Jump Rope?

Winter is coming. There's good food everywhere and gyms are far away in the cold dark land of sanitisers and face masks.

80% of new years resolutions go unfulfilled by February. But this year, you have a new reliable ally. The Ultimate Speed Rope.

Best of all, it doesn’t take too much skill, money, or space to get a good rope workout in.

 1 - Cook Calories Like Never Before

It's literally one of the most effective cardio exercises out there. It can whip you into shape with just a few minutes of daily skipping.
Only a few exercises burn calories like jump rope. Work your jump rope routine into three 10-minute rounds and you're looking at an insane 480 calories burn rate in half an hour. On top of that, 10 minutes of skipping rope is about equivalent to running an 8-minute-mile. 

 2 - Build Agility And  Tone Muscles

Jump Rope burns more calories per minute and engages more muscles than swimming or rowing. It also trains you to be lighter on your feet. Jump rope improves your balance, quickness and coordination by making your brain focus on your feet for long periods of time, even when you're not conscious of it. Why do you think jumping rope is a favourite exercise for the best boxers in the world? Because boxers know this.

 3 - Increase Bone Density

Jump rope increases your bone density while being much healthier to your joints than running. Latest studies show that jumping is simply one of the very best exercises for improving bone density.

 4 - Good For Your Brain

Jumping rope has significantly higher impacts on cognitive functioning than stationary exercises as it is both physically and mentally demanding. The very best workouts for brain health involve coordination, rhythm, and strategy.

5 - Portable 

It's obvious but you. Can. Jump. Rope. Anywhere. Unless you Live on the ISS you can probably find a place to jump rope. And it doesn't weigh much in you gym bag.



★Weight is 6.4oz with 7" long handles
★4 metal ball bearings
★Handles accept a oxidation coating, cable with new ultra thin coated
★Adjustable up to 10'
★Kink resistant cable.
★Stock length is long enough for athletes up to 6' 11".
★Carrying bag included
★2-Year warranty on handles
★30-day money-back guarantee

Tested by professional athletes 


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By far one of the easiest most functional well performing jump rope that I've had. I'm really happy with it. You will need to adjust the wire and cut it with some wire cutters or dikes but once you have it adjusted you're good to go.


Great quality. Quick shipping and delivery.


Nice! Quality product. Very satisfied.


Really good I recommend


Awesome!!! My favourite rope.